Digital construction of the Atarazanas Central Market of Malaga with BIM methodology

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BIM is the acronym for Building Information Modeling which means the construction of an intelligent digital model. This is as if, upon arriving at our house, we touched a wall and by touching the element, the wall gave us information about its year of construction, the materials that compose it, the cost of each square meter, information on its thermal behavior. in different seasons of the year, its obsolescence, date on which it must be repainted, etc., only that instead of trying to know those technical data by reading the technical specifications of its construction, that is, in a document, the digital model will It provides it automatically and spatially, in real time, provided it has been properly configured to provide that information. To develop these digital models, not only designers and calculators from each discipline are needed, but also experts who work collaboratively in the construction of these BIM models.


The project has the participation of experts in this disruptive BIM technology from Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Romania and Venezuela. Also accompanying this initiative are experts in the area of additive manufacturing also known as 3D printing and some of the most prominent influencers in the field of BIM in Spanish, thanks to their role in the dissemination of these methodologies through their podcasts. This BIM methodology will allow us to simultaneously develop the digital model of the Shipyard Market from various points of the world geography.

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This initiative seeks to strengthen the Ibero-American professional and cultural fields of collaboration and promote the knowledge and application of emerging technologies, that is, to obtain pedagogical balances with this digital construction project. In summary, this pilot project of Ibero-American collaboration with BIM methodologies will allow us not only to raise the digital model of the Central Market of Atarazanas and make it accessible to the public from all over the planet through immersive visits through virtual reality, but also to know the heritage aspects , technical and commercial that are incorporated into the data that we will create for its promotion and projection within the framework of the recognition of Malaga as 'European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020', and beyond, as a model for the digital preservation of the architectural heritage assets of the city.


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