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Architect linked to participatory urban planning processes, production and social management of habitat, IAP methodologies with special emphasis on populations settled in coastal, maritime, river and lake areas in Latin America and Africa. Specialist Technician in International Cooperation for Development. Master BIM Manager with Autodesk Revit. BIM modeler. Expert in creating families. Professional Certification Autodesk Revit Architecture.

Architect - Spain

Architect with a Master in Architecture and Master in BIM Management. Coordination of BIM projects. BIM modeler on Revit and Archicad platforms. Specialized in developing projects with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Infographic designer


Architect specialized in urban planning. Master in BIM Management, BIM Manager and instructor of Revit, Allplan and Cype MEP tools


Architect - Spain

Architect. Applicant in the introduction of the BIM methodology.
Degree in Architecture from the Blas Pascal University - Argentina. Official Autodesk BIM Master at 24Studio - Spain. Member of international architecture projects. Just graduated in search of new knowledge, methodologies, and personal and professional growth.


Technical architect and building engineer. Specialist in BIM projects at Archicad and measurements through IFC files.


Designer and Technical Architect - Mexico

Founder CEO of Studio BIMarq - Office of architectural projects and assembly of intelligent models under collaborative BIM processes. BIM consultant to architecture firms with 12+ years immersed with experience in the BIM methodology, focused on agile management strategies in design processes. For LATAM., Responsible for the implementation of the BIM process methodology in all the branches that comprise it. Lecturer on agile methodologies and frameworks, such as Scrum - Agility for Design. Contributor to the "Industry Feedback" section of Shared Coordinates .


Driver of digital transformation for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. 12+ years of experience in 3D visualization. 8+ years of experience in architectural design and project. 5+ years of experience using the BIM methodology. Facilitator in graphic design and BIM modeling software training. Host and creator of the Travesía BIM podcast.


Industrial Draftsman - Mexico

Industrial draftsman with a career started in 1991 as an electrical draftsman, going through Civil engineering, architectural design, instrumentalist, machinery design, maintenance of computer equipment and instructor and currently as BIM Coordinator. Passionate about design and technology.


Technical Draftsman - Costa Rica

Director General at 3DASBUILTM. Modeler, Draftsman, administrator, entrepreneur and educator of BIM, graduated as a technical draftsman, certified in Autodesk products, consultant in BIM implementation methodologies.


Civil engineer. Specialist in Design of Urban Roads, Traffic and Transportation. Master BIM Manager. Integrator of infrastructure projects and transport administration. Creator of the BIM Station podcast and CEO of BIM International Colombia.


Founder CEO of Taller d3 SAS Professor at the Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia, Professor at Isthmus-School of Architecture and Design-Panama. BIM Project Manager Certified by RICS-UK, YouBIM Certified Consultant. Specialist in Aerial Photogrammetry and Certified Drone Pilot in Colombia. Explorer of 3D laser scanning technologies, 3D printing, virtual reality environments and augmented reality. Co-Director of the BIM Station podcast

Architect related to the BIM world through ArchiCAD since 1998, both in professional use within the architectural discipline, and in the field of training and experimentation. From 2005 to 2012 he collaborated in the study of Iago Seara Morales in intervention projects in the architectural heritage, in monuments such as the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the Cathedral of Tui, the convent of San Paio de Antealtares or the Cistercian monastery of Pantón.

Architect, contacted BIM technology in 1999 through AllPlan. His passion for technology has allowed him to contact and evaluate the most different aspects of software related directly or indirectly to the BIM world.

Architect and Master in Energy Efficiency. His professional experience extends over more than 15 years, divided between the drafting of architecture projects, and the execution of infrastructure works.

Technical Architect and Building Engineer - Spain

Technical architect and building engineer from the University of Granada. He has worked as a project manager, promoter director, judicial expert, and in a freelance mode, he is currently an expert and is dedicated to the #BIM Digital Transformation of companies in the AECO sector for SEYS partner gold of Autodesk, as well as combining his work as a teacher BIMManager master's degree in Zigurat. He is the coordinator of the BIM users group in Granada.

Industrial Technical Engineer - Spain

Technical Advisor for the modeling of the MEP facilities with Tekton3D of the 'Atarazanas Digital' project. Engineer at PelaezIngenieria.com with more than 24 years at the service of engineering developing and directing all types of facilities in the residential, commercial, health, educational and urban infrastructure fields. More than 860 projects and of them more than 85 with BIM technology. Specialist in CTE installations projects by the UMA and expert in PCI installations. Currently technical advisor and Beta-Tester for the development of the TEKTON3D installation software for IMVENTA INGENIEROS.

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